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Sir; I sent this to a couple representatives as well as Mr Wilson who’s running for Regina Huffs position as she isn’t seeking re-election. Would like to get more people involved with engaging their (our) representatives to change the way taxation is conducted within KY. We need to protect our citizens, especially retirees.

Thank you.

Michael Gregory

Please share.

Sir; A response to Mr Thomas related to the updates from our representatives.

Sir; I am resending this as there is one other issue that came to mind especially since you brought up middle and lower income class KY citizens!

The bill (don’t remember the number) that eliminates taxes on privately owned aircraft! Transportation! How does this help the middle and lower income Kentuckians?? Do away with all vehicle taxes (valarium) and school taxes as well to help out the people you speak about!!

HB 8 is a tax reform measure that reduces the state personal income tax rate to four percent. It also places new taxes on electric vehicles and nonessential services such as elective cosmetic surgery, body modifications, photography, research polling, bodyguard services, and marketing.

I voted to sustain the Governor's veto because HB 8 hinders the commonwealth's ability to properly fund essential services like road construction and public education. It moves Kentucky away from an income-based tax model toward a consumption-based model, which will financially burden middle-income and low-income citizens. The bill was overridden in the Senate by a vote of 28-8-1.

Sir; I don’t support the bill in its current form as this bill adds too many other tax burden’s upon the KY citizens especially retirees whose income drops upon retirement!

We like the idea paying as we purchase not paying as we purchase and continue to pay because we think we own! Renting our purchase back from the state, county or school system.

In TN there isn’t a separate school tax!

When we purchased our vehicles we paid our taxes and each year it’s $95. To keep it licensed. No other taxes.

Our homes had one tax at about the same rate as KY NOT the added burden of a school tax!

We are able to better plan for retirement as we have an idea of our tax obligations. In KY that’s not the case!! Schools continue to dig deeper into our pockets through taxation on everything we own, home, autos utilities, even though retirees income drops substantially.?

There is talk of an extra tax on electric vehicles within the state of KY which is an extra burden on its citizens.

The way to help out Ky citizens (the lower income you speak of) is to go to a purchase based economy!

Everyone who travels through and within KY will pay for our infrastructure, schools through their purchases. Not just a burden upon KY citizens. Stop the school taxes on all retirees! Stop taxing KY citizens into poverty.

When electric transportation becomes more prevalent add 1/4 % sales tax to everything and make sure that’s what the money is used for!

We have KY lottery for schools! Use horse racing windfall and liquor taxes to fund the school system!

Make KY a place to retire not a place to run from!!

I am ready to move back to TN.

Look at the tax breaks that AL, and SC offer retirees.

Thank you

Michael Gregory

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